#hashtag animation displayed at theta360.com

Let us know the hashtag of the animation which can be displayed at theta360.com.

#butterfly#theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Also #sakura3d #firefly3d and #rain3d

Here’s an example with #rain3d - It wasn’t raining the day I took the picture. Added the tag later. Just a coincidence that it was cloudy and there were some dark stains on the pavement. https://theta360.com/s/3cTJv0yMCyqUMXJ65h9btc4ie

hi Jesse all the tags were displayed in the link above :innocent: theta360.com.
did you try #ufo3d ?

Oh, great, thanks for posting that link. #ufo3d is a little to jokey for me. But I’m pleased they keep putting out new ones. Would be fun if you could make your own custom ones…

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