Hi will the THETA X shoot blue line on Google Streetview

@craig @jcasman
I Think The Theta X must have a digital compass inbuilt in the GPS to be certificated on Google as street camera❓
It was a long time sins i was here
Good to know that the THETA X will get removable Battery and SD Card
Why did it take so Long :hot_face:
Regards Svendus

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I believe the X will have a digital compass as the V and Z1 have a digital compass and the architecture looks similar.

With built-in GPS, it seems good for Google Streetview. However, I have not confirmed this with anyone at RICOH. This is just my personal guess.

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Ok :white_check_mark: Thanks so may be i will come back to you guys again if my pention will allow the cost off a new 360 camera

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