So sad. Hiker here, crying over the lose of the Google Street View App.

Long time Google Streetview contributor here. My focus is on trail and public parks.

I started with Samsung Gear360 version 1 in 2016 producing blue line like this
The work flow back the was:
-Take Single JPG photos pacing 10 full strides between them
-Transferring photos to an android phone
-Uploading to the street view app
-move the photosphere to the correct location, manually connect them and and orient them. then choosing the connections for each photo.
-Watch the google software run after the upload and celebrate when it made blue lines and cry when it made a mess of blue dots.

This was too slow, it was not enough BLUE LINES!

Glory was the day in May 2021 when I took delivery of a Theta Z1 with native video mode with the street view app. The new work flow was:
-Power up the Camera and android phone
-Enable Full Force GNSS in developer options
-Open the street view app and connect the camera
-Walk and take a max 3 min clip
-repeat for up to 45~ of hiking, (keeping a faster pace for more blue per trip)
-download all the clips via the app (continue for round 2 of another 51g of video if desired)
-go home and upload them through the app

I could get 3-4 miles of hiking trail in remote area’s in a day, no problem. An example of a day project here

138 miles done since May 2021. So many Blue lines into the wilderness!

I am crushed that this is not longer supported (streetview app fully disabled it last week). The reason I bought the Z1 is just gone. poof…

I find the ideas of how to still use the Z1 like @newchel describes in this post to be inelegant and time consuming.

I find the output of 8k 2fps ok a Theta x and shown here to be far below the image quality I was getting from my workflow with the Z1.


  1. Do you find my theta Z1 work to be better than the 8k2fps Theta X output?

  2. Will I have to suffer inelegant workflows with my Z1 or will Ricoh add GPS data to video?

  3. What is the best camera to switch to produce good quality streetview images while hiking?

All the answers are here:

In my opinion, Theta X is just a toy.
Pixel7 is the best smartphone to get accurate GPS data due to Dual Band GNSS feature.