How can I join the developer program with the Ricoh Theta V I purchased second hand?

How can I join the developer program with the Ricoh Theta V I purchased second hand?

@zaferkocaali Here’s the link to register:

And, you’ll get these links when you register, but just for reference:

Thank you for your return

I m getting like this message Not Registered

When I can be registered developer ?


this is my twitter too


@zaferkocaali Please do the registration through the registration site first. You will have to send in the serial number of the THETA that you are using as part of your registration. You can register multiple THETAs if needed. You will get an email back from RICOH confirming that you have been registered.

After that, you can use the desktop RICOH THETA app (like in your screen shot) and you will be recognized as a registered developer.

I sent my theta v serial before
I m waiting
Thank you

30 Haz 2024 Pzr 22:16 tarihinde Jesse Casman via THETA 360 Developer şunu yazdı:

I applied to register a 2nd THETA X camera on June 26 and have not received any communication back yet.

Mr Craig

I have theta v now
I m learning api and plugin systems

I m using theta v and i upliaded my information and theta v serial no to partner program

I planned to buy theta x in next time

Thank you for return
Zafer kocaali

1 Tem 2024 Pzt 18:11 tarihinde craig via THETA 360 Developer şunu yazdı:

It may take a while.

Note that we do not work for RICOH, but we can ask how long the registration process should normally take.

I’ll ask @jcasman to add this to an agenda ask about the standard process and timeline expectations.

@zaferkocaali I am including this in our weekly call with RICOH tomorrow. I will try to get an answer to the question: How long should it normally take?

I will communicate back here when I know more.