How to register multiple cameras in the plug-in partner program

Hi @craig

So, we first had a single Z1 where we used our company info email address to get the developer mode activated on that account. Then we ordered a few more cameras, but when trying to login using the same email, it you have already answered the questionnaire. So I had to use my own company email. I would rather not do that, I would like to keep using the info email address for all dealings, be it communication or purchasing licenses, paying bills, etc. and things like that. Now we have to enable the developer mode on one more camera we recently purchased, but it would not let me apply for activating developer mode because I have already used the info email address. Is there a way around it? Can I share the serial number and a photo of the serial number directly via email or I have no other way but to use a different email address?
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-Sumeet Maru

@sumeetgm89 , there is a way to register multiple cameras using one email address. I am looking for the link to the form.

To be honest, I have another X that I am trying to register myself and I’ve sent a request into RICOH for my own X. I have registered multiple THETA units in the past using the same email address.

@sumeetgm89 I believe this technique works. Use this link:

I logged in here:

Screen Shot 2024-06-25 at 10.17.37 AM

Next I see this:

I choose Edit profile and then get options for registering multiple THETAs:

Hope this helps!


@jcasman thanks for posting this. It worked for me.

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Thanks a lot @jcasman, for my current camera i already submitted the request with a new email address, but I will surely need the link here after as i will need to keep using the developer mode until the plugin is released on the app store. That is what we bought the X for, we need the plugin to be supported on X as well and want to confirm it works on it before we publish it.


Great, looking forward to seeing your plug-in published!