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Issues with Theta Z1 & Metareal - please help


We are using a Theta Z1 for real estate virtual tours but are having a few issues.

We are using the dual fish-eye plugin and the theta stitcher after, with the DNG photo setting.

The photos are really clear and crisp, but we have issues with curvature to some walls. When using Metareal to draw out the plan, some walls are at perfect right angles and straight, others aren’t and it throws the whole plan off.

We have also had some issues with the compass warning. After doing the ‘figure of 8’ motion to calibrate the calibration warning disappears, until the Theta touches the tripod - then it comes straight back on the display.

Can anyone help with this? Is it the compass issue causing the slight curvature/inaccuracy? Is there another way to calibrate?

Thank you!!!

Hello! For best results, we recommend using another stitcher with more sophisticated lens calibration, such as the H360 Z1 stitcher for Android, or PTGui. Cheers,

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