How do you know when Ricoh Theta is charged ?


I didn’t find the infos anywhere…but How do you know when Ricoh Theta is charged ?

When I plug the Ricoh to my computer I understand it is charging…but I didn’t see anywhere the % of the battery… Am I missing something here ?

Thanks for your help.

mobile app shows the charge. On Windows, right-click on the camera icon when the camera is plugged in with a USB cable. On THETA V, the power button light shows the level of charge.

Ok thanks : I am not using the app a lot so I didn’t see it.
Any idea if it works on mac ?

I don’t think it shows up on the Mac. Do you have a RICOH THETA V? The side power button color will show the charge. On the Z1, the OLED can shw the charge.

I use a PortaPow USB voltage/current monitor in line with my Theta when charging, Looking at the display, it’s usually obvious when charging has stopped.I use the “Smart Charge” feature of the PortaPow to manage the charging process. These devices are about $10.

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