Green light flashing on Theta V — New — Using supplied cable to charge

I’ve connected my theta v to my macbook Pro with the supplied cable … I’m trying to charge the unit … The green light is continually flashing … I have been unable to update the firmware.

Camera does not seem to be charging.

Have you tried plugging it into a wall charger? You can check the battery level with the mobile app. Are you plugging it directly into the MacBook Pro, or are you using an adapter? The type of adapter may be an issue. Is the green light the wifi light?

Did you succeed? Did you check the battery level using the THETA app?

Hi! Same problem here. My theta v, when connected in the wall or to imac it just blinks green light in the power button. Im not able to start - boot the device neither to connect it to the mac. I tried all button combinations but doesnt work.
Any solution please?

Is this a new THETA V?

  • Leave it plugged in and charging for 2 hours.
  • swap cables
  • swap chargers

I don’t have experience with the device below, but it may help you to see what is going on with the charging

I just ordered one for myself to test with the THETA. Note that I have not tried this yet.

I found this comment on Amazon, indicating that the USB cable may affect charging. It’s for a different tester, but the basic idea may be the same.

As far as I know USB pin configuration can be different. It depends on what a usb cable has been made for. Some are made only to charge a device and they won’t transfer any files or make a device available for its configuration such as firmware transfer or even an image trasfer

If you use a stock cable supplied by Ricoh and your PC only charges the camera and not sensing the camera on your computer then your cable is faulty.

However If you have just taken some USB cable from another device the problem may be it is just a charging USB cable and it won’t work for anything else. Try to use another cable until you find the one that is used for Data Transfer. You will see it the right one after you can see your camera shown on your PC as a device you can access.

BTW, when I charge my camera it sometimes flashes green too but I have never had any problems with charging my V or Z1. And even when I use slow charges(500ma max output ) vs fast ones(2.4A output) it just takes longer to charge.

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