battery problems


i just bought the Theta v camera.
the battery is really bad.
what i could do ??

please help

thanks alot.


Are you sure you are turning off the camera and not putting it into sleep mode?

Are you verifying that the camera is fully charged before you start the shoot? You can see the battery charge in the mobile app or if you have Windows, right-click on the camera and then select properties.


so to charge i will need to shut down the camera before ?


i tried to turn off and then charging but it wont !!

what the hell im not doing right i dont know… :frowning_face:


You don’t need to turn the camera off to charge it.

However, when you take the camera off the charger, it may wake up from sleep mode automatically if you have it plugged into your computer.

After the camera is fully charged, disconnect it from the USB cable and then turn off the camera by pressing the power button for longer than 8 seconds. Then, when you want to shoot a picture, turn it on.

Once the camera is fully charged, you should upgrade the firmware.

Can you post a screenshot of your camera charge?


ok but the charging method is really slow and only with the computer its even moving.
when im connecting the usb cable with regular charger it wont charge.

every charging i will have to wait to be 100 % why ?

the bigger issue is that the battrey drain very fast. dont know.


You can plug it into a mobile phone charger if your mobile phone charger is above 1.5 amps (newer mobile phone).

Your computer may have different USB ports with different amperage (USB 2.0 versus 3.0). Try plugging it into the port with a blue insert.

If your battery is low, the upgrade could corrupt your firmware if the battery drops too low.

The battery may be draining fast and you may have a hardware problem that can be addressed under warranty. You can try and contact RICOH support. They may be able to help.


i posted for you the battery % in 21:51 (8 minutes ago)


Thanks for posting that. It’s helpful.

You have two problems:

  1. you need to establish full charge
  2. your firmware is old

The newest firmware is 2.41.1. You are at 1.00.2.

Do not attempt a firmware upgrade until you fully charge your camera. Get it over 90%.

You may have a hardware problem which would require you to contact Ricoh, but it could also be that the camera is new and you need to set it up first. It’s worth trying to do the firmware upgrade with the desktop software once you establish full charge


here i post you another photo after 21 minutes
increasing from 13 to 20 %

is it normal speed ?


It seems slow. Are you using the USB cable that came with the camera? If it’s a laptop, you have the laptop plugged in, right?

If you have a desktop, the USB ports on the back of the computer may be slightly better.

It’s going up, so it seems like it will eventually get there and you’ll eventually be able to apply the firmware upgrades.

This video may help with the firmware upgrade.


yes its look like its really slow.

im using desktop and its plugged to the back.

i hope it will fix the problem. does this firmware upgrade is upgrading the desktop app or the camera itself ?


after 1 hour and 13 minutes
from 13% to 38% .
in the camera the green light is on.
thats really slow …:expressionless:


The firmware is for the camera itself.

You will need to install the desktop software to install the firmware. you can do that as you wait.

Do not upgrade the firmware until the camera is charged around 90%.

Do you have a newer mobile Android phone? If your mobile phone charger has a USB output, it may be faster than your computer.

The charge rate seems unusually slow.


i dont have in my phone usb output.

what could cause the slowness if its not the pc ports ?

i will update when ill get to 90% .


In case other people are having this problem, several people have posted suggestions on the Facebook group.

These include:

  • use mobile phone wall charger
  • Use some type of portable battery power bank to charge the THETA V
  • Use PortaPow to identify current going into camera - Suggestion by Tom Karches
  • If the camera is receiving sufficient current and the charge rate is still very slow, try contacting Ricoh support about a possible replacement under warranty