How To: Connect THETA V with Ethernet


You can connect the THETA V to the Internet using Ethernet and common USB OTG adapters. When you plug a USB OTG adapter into the THETA V, it will automatically get assigned an IP address from your router using DHCP. You can set a static IP in your router so that you know what IP address the THETA V is assigned.

USB OTG Ethernet Adapter Tested

Test 1 - Pluggable with ASIX AX88772A chipset

Purchased in US.

Although most USB OTG adapters should work, I tested the Plugable USB 2.0 OTG with ASIX AX88772A chipset. I can recommend it as it is cheap, $13.89 with free shipping and it worked immediately. The adapter did not require any drivers or any other software. The MAC address is written on adapter. Most people will want to configure their router to match up the MAC address with the IP, then assign a static IP to the camera from the DHCP server on their router.

Test 2 Buffalo

Test contributed by community member.

Purchased in Japan.

Buffalo 10/100M USB 2.0 for LAN Adapter Fits Wii MacBook on eBay

Google shopping link to additional online vendors

Conceptual Overview

The THETA V runs the Android OS, which is a form of Linux, which has a similar to the Windows or MacOS running on your laptop. Similar to your laptop, the THETA V can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB tethering to your mobile phone.

Unlike your laptop, the USB port in your THETA V usually acts as a USB storage device. To enable the THETA V to work as a USB host, you need a USB OTG device.

Once connected to Ethernet, the THETA V will function the same as if it were connected to Wi-Fi.


Potential Use

As the camera battery is not charged by the USB OTG adapter, potential use is limited to applications where Wi-Fi coverage is unstable due to interference or you do not have Wi-Fi access. If you take apart the camera, it may be possible to bypass the battery and hack an external power supply onto the camera. No one has succeeded with this yet. You could be the first.

Test With Plug-ins

With the Ethernet connection and the IP address, I can access the plug-in over Ethernet.

Test LivePreview stream from Automatic Face Blur

Test using Vysor over Ethernet

To get Vysor or adb to work with TCP/IP, I needed to run the following command first with the camera connected with a USB cable:

adb tcpip 5555

I got the IP address from my router.

Once connected, I was able to establish adb connection with:

adb connect IP.address:PORT

or with my IP address of

adb connect


After adb connect to the IP is established, Vysor came right up.

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Ethernet Solution to IP Conflict

Here’s a possible use for the THETA to Ethernet connection solution. In this solution, the office has no Wi-Fi.

The PC kiosk cannot send API commands to the THETA when the THETA is in access point (AP) mode because the THETA also configures itself as This IP address is already taken by the office router.

Any Ethernet adapter could work. We’ve tested the two adapters shown below. They work without any additional software. Just plug the adapter in and the THETA will get assigned an IP address by your office DHCP server.

The THETA will not charge while it is connected with USB OTG. You will need to disconnect the THETA from Ethernet and plug it into a USB charger to charge the battery.

Your application can disovery the IP address of the THETA through DNS-SD. Here is one example.

Another example using zerconf.


I have a question about the Vysor test over ethernet.

I’m using the theta V connected to the Plugable OTG. Then I want it to connect directly to my Windows PC without a router through the Ethernet port. Is this possible to get the IP? Do i need the router for the IP address or can i find what my PC?

I’ve tried using ipconfig, and downloading a DHCP server, but neither have been giving me the IP (I may have used the DHCP server wrong as well). I also connected to the camera with my phone using the app and got the IP address, but i’m guessing that IP address i’m getting is the one between my phone and the camera.

Thank you for your help,
John Cowan


Yes, you can get the IP address. You need a small program on Windows that does DNS Discovery.

See this.

For an end-user app, search for something someone else already released. For example, here’s one that I have not tested.

The THETA mobile app can also find the IP address of the camera when it is in client-mode.

Here is more information on client mode:

Feel free to ask more questions. I think this process is a bit confusing the first time. Good luck.

Here’s another article on Zeroconf for Windows.


Coincidentally, I just met with @jcasman at HanaHaus in Palo Alto and he was about to test Ethernet with the THETA V.


Hey John,

Just got the Plugable OTC cable, I’m going to be doing some similar testing. Thanks for asking your questions - and thanks to @codetricity for the links and suggestions - I think I’ll be running into similar issues.



It’d be great if you could test it on Windows 10 as it’s easy to find the IP address on Mac since Bonjour is built-in.


I have a Windows 10 laptop, I can test it. It’s not my main machine, but I’m happy to try it out.


Hey, not adding a ton of info just yet, but giving an update that this weekend I connected to Ethernet easily, directly from my router. It “just works.” I’ll be trying to it set up connected to a Windows 10 laptop using DNS discovery.


try different types of powered USB hubs and other USB OTG connectors to see if there is any way to power the camera while it is connected to Ethernet. I have not succeeded in my tests.