Thanics Robotics Open Source Code

Thanics Robotics has open sourced their drone, controller, and mobile app code.

There are four repositories

Updated Drone Design

Just got this new design from Andrew Loomis.



Production is on hold as the design team has broken up and gone back to research and academia. The code is out there if people want to hack it.

Update 8/23/2018: After discussing the direction with Andrew Loomis from thanics, I’ve learned that the component pipeline looks like this:

Theta V -> USB -> RPi CM3 (Drone) -> Ethernet LAN -> pDDL2450 Radio Transceiver -> Air -> pDDL2450 Radio Transceiver -> Ethernet LAN -> RPi CM3 (Controller) -> USB/WiFi ->
Android Phone in Google Daydream headset

He’s using gstreamer on the Raspberry Pi.

There’s a problem with this pipeline in that the Raspberry Pi can’t effectively stream the output of the THETA V using UVC 1.5 H.264 due to the limitations of the Linux kernel in the Raspberry Pi distributions.

The component that I’m not familiar with is the pDDL2450. I looked at the datasheet. From what I can tell, it looks like the device can accept an Ethernet input, possibly enabling direct connection to the RICOH THETA V using a USB OTG Ethernet adapter.