How To Create An App That Plays 360 Video

I received a question from the community about how to play a 360 video file inside an application. Here’s my response.

Playing a video from file is possible using a number of applications. This is just a small sample of what is freely available.



I believe A-Frame now works with video as well.


GoogleVR is broad. There are many libraries that are under the GoogleVR brand. See below.

I remember when this was a relatively hard question to answer. Cool that there are multiple options available now.

Even more nostalgia. The guy that asked the question is Zach. Remember DeveloperWeek hackathon?

@jcasman just to jar your memory… We should enter into a hackathon with Zach as participants and try to WIN the hackathon.

Zach was a badass! He did some really artsy photography and used his RICOH THETA for some cool images, I remember.

You should send him a note again and encourage him to explain his app on this forum. I don’t have all the details either. He just contacted me for a specific question about options for playing video. I’m curious to learn what his app does.