How To Delete THETA V Hidden Media Files

Camera has no files on it, but something is taking up 5.2 GB of space.




The Fix

Log into shell with adb

cd into /sdcard/DCIM/

locate hidden files

Use ls -l in both /sdcard/, /sdcard/DCIM/, and /sdcard/DCIM/100RICOH.

Locate for a set of huge files that are video or audio format. In the example below, there are .wav audio files from a failed video recording test.

Delete extra files

The THETA V shell is the Android OS, which uses Linux commands. Asterisk * is a wildcard that matches any character. command to delete all files with a .wav extension is:

 rm  *.wav

Be careful. You cannot recover the files. If you do not have confidence in your command line ability, ask a friend for help.


The ls command will list the files. I verified that I do not have the files on the shell.

Reboot camera

Press the power off button for longer than 8 seconds. Once the camera is off, start the camera.

Plug camera back in and verify storage


This technique requires that your camera be unlocked in developer mode. It is free to unlock your camera.


The application process does take some time, but you’ll have more camera functionality. There’s no downside to unlock the camera as far as I can tell. It just takes some effort.

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Hi, @codetricity
Anyone can develop “Storage Cleaner Plugin” to eliminate the unnecessary files?
Unfortunately, I can’t. But I promise to use it.


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That’s a great idea!

It would seem easy to create.

I wonder if other tools on Mac or PC can already find the hidden files. It would seem like it would be a common problem.