RICOH THETA Factory Reset Using API


RICOH THETA Factory Reset Using API. Delete all device settings and capture settings. After applying this command, your camera will also restart automatically.

The HTTP command below will delete all device and capture settings. This is useful if you want to reset your camera settings to factory defaults. For example, you may have manual exposure settings or your camera may be in self-timer mode. The mobile app should be able to change all the settings. If the mobile app is not working, this API command should delete all your settings from the camera.

To use the API command, you will need to use something like curl or Postman.

curl -d '{"name": "camera.reset"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST

HTTP Command Tools


Your RICOH THETA camera needs to be connected to your computer using WiFi for this to work. The connection must be access point mode. The WiFi LED should be blue.

The above command will not work in client mode when the LED is green. If you wish to use client mode, you must use digest authentication. See this article for more examples of using client mode.

FIXED: Theta S stuck in HDR mode

This looks really useful. Does it reset the firmware version? Is there a way to roll back firmware versions?


It does not affect the firmware version. It just clears the camera and device settings. The firmware is untouched.

I don’t think you can roll back the firmware even with the developer tool and the older firmware file. My understanding is that if you upgraded to 2.21.1 you can’t roll back to 2.20.1 even with the special developer tools that Ricoh offers partners.


I guess you have to be confident that the firmware upgrade does what you want!


That’s why this site is so important. We can share our own tests with other developers. If I were to read the firmware description, I wouldn’t know how it impacted the API. Sharing experiences is the best way.

I don’t think there’s a way to be confident with how the firmware impacts the development process just from reading the notice on the Ricoh site. I think we should provide more detailed information and test results on this site as a free service to other developers. Let’s do it.