Transferring THETA Files to a Mac



Just a quick note on transferring files from your THETA to you Mac. Thanks to @ZZChu for the info.

If you connect your THETA with USB to a Windows machine, THETA will show up as a device in File Manager. You can copy/erase files off the THETA easily. Not on a Mac. Nothing in Finder.

But, you have two good options.

  • Alternatively, use the Image Capture app built into Mac OS. The THETA will appear as a device. Image Capture includes nifty thumbnails and a fair amount of file info.

Windows still seems to have the advantage of being able to right click on the THETA icon and get info on firmware version and battery level. Does anyone know how to do that a Mac?


How do you play the 360 video HEVC files on the Mac? Is there something equivalent to Windows Movies and TV player or GOM Player?

I don’t think VLC will play the HEVC files properly. At least, does not play on Windows.

Is there some plug-in you can add to quicktime to restore the defunct QuickTime VR features?


I have not found something good yet for HEVC 360 videos.

  • THETA desktop app - audio only
  • VLC - lots of issues, barely plays
  • Quicktime - very smooth in equirectangular, no 360
  • GOM - No desktop Mac version
  • LiveViewRift - for VR goggles


Is it easy to convert the HEVC video file to H.264 using Adobe Media Encoder or equivalent?


hi maybe you can help me…
im using he theta v and a desktop pc win7&10
i updated the theta v, adobe air and downloaded the newest basic-app from ricoh theta…
when i try to drag the orirginal footage from the theta into the ricoh-software to stich it…everytime there is a error calling " An error has occurred-failed to load file"
whats wrong with the program?

thx for your help


I read your original post incorrectly.

Did you just update the desktop app?

There were problems with older versions. An update was released yesterday.


I have downloaded 4+ Gb file via Image capture but the file can not be stitched via Theta app.
The file was deleted from Theta V already.

Is there any way to make those files playable?
Any way to restore files on theta V???


Note that I’m not using a Mac. My understanding is that you may need to use the RICOH THETA File Transfer App to move files from the THETA to the Mac if the file is over 4GB. If you move the video file with the standard Mac tool, it may become corrupted and you may lose the ability to stitch it. The tool below may help you in the future.