Ricoh Theta V - resolution and timelapses

Hi everyone, I bought a Ricoh Theta V camera and I have faced two problems:

  1. The photo resolution is very poor, even when taking photos with the camera relatively close to the subjects.
  2. when creating time-lapse photos, the minimum interval is 4 seconds. This is a problem when we use the camera to map the streets (i.e. StreetView or Mapillary). I owned a GoPro Fusion, whose time-lapse photos minimum is 0.5 seconds. How can I decrease the time interval between photos in Ricoh Theta V?

There is only a workaround to reduce the time. You can use the Dual-Fisheye Plug-in with the V to get the image into dual-fisheye at 1 shot per second. You would then need to stitch it with PTGUi, which may be expensive for your use, or find something else that can stitch it. Ichi’s stitcher used to work on V images as well as Z1, I’m not sure if it still works with V.

You can use Hugin, which is free, but maybe too much work.

To get 0.5 delays between shots, you would need a feature similar to motion stills, which is not supported on the V or Z1 right now.