How To Use Google Daydream with the RICOH THETA

New video showing how to use the RICOH THETA with Google Daydream. From community member kaiyote. This is an easy workflow using a $41 Daydream View 1st generation, a Pixel phone running Android 9, Google Photos in Daydream, and the official RICOH THETA mobile app for Android. Head tracking, controller work great.

Process steps contributed by community member kaiyote.

  • First step is to upload pictures from Ricoh THETA camera to Google Photos
  • This can be done via USB cable, or by allowing Google Photos to sync with your Ricoh THETA folder
  • Next, you will need to get Daydream headset and controller working
  • For my test I used a Google Pixel 1.
    • Be sure to have Bluetooth and NFC communication enabled
    • *Important: DO NOT pair the controller to your phone prior to entering the Daydream app. Doing so will cause the controller to “lock up” and you will be unable to pair your controller within the app.
  • Open Google Daydream
  • Click the “VR” icon in the bottom right-hand of the screen
  • Follow the onscreen instructions which includes pairing the controller to your phone
    • After this point you should have the headset on your face and be able to navigate the VR menu with a controller
  • Click on Applications
  • Click on Google Photos
  • If you have already synced some 360° pictures these will appear for viewing by default
  • After selection you can view these pictures in full virtual reality!