HowTo: Develop 360 Image Desktop Apps with JavaScript and RICOH THETA



Congratulations on your progress. This will be useful to people in the future as there is no easy way for people to set camera parameters from a desktop/laptop.

Also, the mobile app doesn’t allow configuration of the entire API.

Whenever you’re ready, feel free to put your code up on GitHub. Maybe other people will join into the development and submit pull requests.



a little more user friendly.

i will repost to github once i finish what ive been currenly working on,
this is just one step to get me closer to my main plan.

time is a factor.



Really cool that you’re putting in the effort. I’m pretty interested in trying this out myself. I’ve wanted to be able to grab bigger chunks of API accessible info all at once. This seems like a cool answer to that.

No pressure. But if you do get it up in a GitHub repo, I’d love to be able to try it out myself.


PS. Time is always a factor. :slight_smile:


Very compelling Motivation, and Quote.

just had to do some work.
not sure if its useful the way im going, but I’ve never made a Github before.

also formatting text so when set at the correct width, the code has a smaller layout of the same data.

The next step i would like to figure out would be how to send a data responce update from the device, or if that is even possible, instead of a timed refresh update.

Ex. After the recording is converted to a file, theta sends a update of some sorts to post that the updates the users incoming request of active info.


this API command may work to check to see if the camera is ready to take another video. The example is with still image, but it may work with video.


That is perfect for getting a approximate finish time and also convertion time and speed after the video has been converted then transferred*

Thank you


I found a much easyer way to get the info from the json info.

Ive decoded json before but this seams to be the easyest way todo so for those following.


just a little update, i think i found something that will work nicely.
it decodes “Response” and gets each field.

ADDED automatic loop to get current update,
also doesn’t require the"Response" field as show in the image example,
and now updates every second with added format:

  • uptime:1205
    Device On Time: 0D 0H 20M 5S

possibly make a simple interface?..
endless possibility’s?

** As it appears making a windows based camera interface is a given requirement before I move further with what I am currently working towards.

*current… i havn’t had time to add to it but will try todo so today.


I am interested in this as well. My objective is to get the livestream preview from the camera in to electron and then view it in an Occulus headset using either Google VR or A-Frame. I think A-Frame and electron work together, but I am not sure.

Do you have a GitHub repo for this setup yet?


There is a gethub for this forum, but I have not posted one for what I am working on yet.
I’m currently just trying to setup a order of getting the info that possible to get from the theta to a easyer to use format.


How are you connecting Electron to the Oculus headset? Are you using Oculus Rift or Oculus Go?

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