HowTo: RICOH THETA V and Z1 4K Live Streaming Driver For Windows 10

It worked perfectly! Streamed on youtube and facebook with OBS. The frame rate is a little weird on facebook, but I guess it’s normal.

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I hope we will be able the livestream with the app soon

Camera is working on Win10 but I wanted to use the external Microphone I bought, thus I better get the Mac OS working… 10.10.5 might be an issue…

Oh, you bought the Ricoh external microphone attachment? Nice.

Hey, does anyone know if YouTube Live 360 events support spatial audio? I’m not sure if it’s a camera limitation or a limitation of YouTube.

I think people are still trying to learn what normal is as the 4K streaming to facebook is new. Can you tell us what your upstream bandwidth is and the framerate to Facebook is like?

I have slow bandwidth at my house and I need to go to my friend’s office to test. I have not tested it at full 4K to Facebook yet.

is the live event on Facebook smooth or is it jerky?

has anyone tried to stream with a third-party mobile app? There’s probably more apps out there than there were for the THETA S. The THETA V outputs equirectangular video, which makes it easy for mobile app developers to build apps for the stream. The main issue is that the THETAV V is new and the resolution is higher, so maybe the mobile app developers need to adjust their apps.

Past articles on these types of apps.

I also would like to try the UVC 4K app! I have a similar issue as someone else mentioned, I cannot get it to recognize in OBS.


I just sent the link by DM. Are you running OBS on Windows 10?

Yup, Win10. But I am using Win10 Studio, not sure if that makes any difference. Trying the driver now, thanks!

On Windows 10, there’s a known problem getting the RICOH THETA V driver to be recognized. Hopefully, it should work with UVC 4K. Ricoh indicates that Windows 10 at 1703 or higher should work.

Audio doesn’t work from the camera, though you can mix it on OBS though a microphone plugged into your computer.

Cool that you have Windows 10 Studio. It looks amazing.

Yup it works now! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Still no sign of release the 4k driver. I only managed to make it work on MPC-HC. Can you send me the link for beta version
I got the UVC 4K driver. I see the 4k in OBS but it display error 0x800705AA

That error occurs when the computer is not finding the camera.

  • reboot the camera and try it again
  • unplug the USB cable and then plug it back in, try it again
  • disconnect all other webcams and then reboot your Windows 10 machine, try it again
  • confirm that the camera is in live streaming mode

Is your “Live” LED on your camera flashing like this?

Do you have an old version of a driver installed from another camera like the THETA S?

Other possibilities:

  • change the USB cable
  • make sure the THETA V is fully charged (or at least charged at 50%)
  • update the firmware of the THETA V with the desktop application

I’m having some troubles streaming my THETA V on a Windows 10 laptop. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but based on @codetricity’s info here, I’m noticing that in Device Manager, RICOH THETA V is listed under Other Devices but that it says “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)”. I’m going to try reinstalling the UVC 4K driver and see if that changes things.

EDIT: I’m not sure this matters. I uninstalled and reinstalled the UVC 4K driver. And I now have streaming using OBS. When I check the Device Manager, it has the same information under RICOH THETA V Properties.

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I would be very appreciative if you can DM me the link for the 4K driver :slight_smile:

Edit: i am using Windows 10 x64



It’s good that you got it working again.

Did it start streaming on the Mac again too? Or, does it only work on Windows? Was the driver the only problem?

It was some camera issue. It went frozen after trying to take photo. On andoroid app there was a msg that its still processing photo for about 30min, after that i managed to do turn off the camera using shuter and power button combination (before that even the power button didnt worked no metter how long i was holding it). After that restart everything worked fine.

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Just saw this FAQ. RICOH is putting the driver out on their public site.


Live video is not displayed on a Computer

  • Windows10 (version1703) or later
  • macOS Sierra (version 10.12.4) or later

If live video is not displayed with OBS in Windows 10 (version 1703) or later, please try the following applications. Please be aware that there is no guarantee they will work.

  1. Click here if you are using a 64-bit OS
  2. Click here if you are using a 32-bit OS

Thanks for the usage report. I think there’s a few issues people are seeing with the THETA V that can be helped with this type of sharing of information in a community:

  • firmware is new and there may be a few glitches, such as the camera locking or acting weird under certain usage conditions.
  • official user documentation is a bit sparse and doesn’t obviously state things like this, which gives a tip to press the power button and wireless button together for 6 seconds
  • Unlike the THETA S, the THETA V has a sleep mode. A single short press on the power button puts the camera to sleep, it does not reboot the camera. To reboot the camera, you need to press and hold the power button. I think this could be clarified in the documentation

From everything we can tell, the camera is a solid piece of equipment with great functionality and a good path toward free upgrades with firmware, plug-ins, mobile apps, and desktop apps and utilities. there’s also a path for third-party paid upgrades for apps, plug-ins and accessories.

As the documentation is online, Ricoh can update it regularly. I’m seeing new updates to the documentation every week. Also, Ricoh seems willing to work with the community. Considering that they are a massive multi-billion dollar company, I think they are quite good with things like releasing software and utility updates and communicating what the limitations are.