HowTo: RICOH THETA V and Z1 4K Live Streaming Driver For Windows 10

The UVC 4K driver for the THETA V is compliant with UVC 1.5. However, I do not think it supports the entire UVC 1.5 specification.

I do not know about control under the .NET environment.

A community member is using Windows 10 with direct show to get the modes and KS_H264VIDEOINFO for debugging.

The community does not have a lot of information on this, so you would be forging new ground.

If you’re just trying to push an email, can you using the normal WiFi API or the USB API?

Thank you very much, since it can stream using OBS in Windows so it should work in .net environment. Will look some more .
Thank you again

After going thru the thread, I realize the reason I don’t get stream on my pc is because my windows version is too old (Win7 build 7601)
Thanks for everyone’s post I know win 10 version 1703 will have the driver built in
but is there a way to install the driver separately but still in my old win7 version?
Many thanks!

I don’t think it will work with Windows 7. You could try the 32 bit version of the Windows 10 driver.

In my windows 10 version 1803 theres NO DRIVER able to connect theta to MPC-HC or OBS.

Im able to view and live streaming in another windows 10 1703 but the audio is not being captured due to the usb 2.0 issues.

I was hoping theres some news on this problems, since i cannot live streaming more than 40 min cause heating (im charging while streaming) or heating+battering low (when not charging)

Are you saying that you don’t have RICOH THETA UVC 4K appearing in the OBS drop-down window? Can you post a screenshot of the OBS selection?

computer 1: I tryed a lot of drivers, UVC 4k, UVC blender. They appear in the drop-down window but in windows 10 version 1803 the error 0x800705AA always show up.

computer 2: windows 10 version 1703, i can view the cam image in MPC-hc and OBS very well, but audio does not work.

Im trying a solution with a pc to compare live streaming in wifi plugin and using a pc, but with audio embed on theta v cam, these are the drivers i tryed on the machine 1, none of them works:

this is the drop down on computer 1.

I have tryed different cables, restart and different USB ports. no changes :frowning:

OK. I’m going to run a test on my laptop. I’ll update this post when I finish the test.



confirm your device manager looks the same



You probably don’t need this

Checking regedit


Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver

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This is an old topic, but for what it’s worth, the Theta V seems to output YUV420 video (for 3840x1920 at 29.97 fps). I detected this by running ffmpeg -i on the mp4 file.

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MPC-HC works fine with Z1 for 4K streaming.
my question is, how to relay this content to oculus rift/go ?

but it only supports 1920x960 8fps

If latency is not a problem, you can stream it to YouTube and then use the YouTube app inside of the headset.

If latency is an issue, you can build a Unity app fairly easily to connect the computer stream to an Oculus Rift, not Go.

If you don’t want to develop something from scratch, a desktop mirroring software might work.

VRidege claims to support Oculus Go and Rift.

I have not used it.

KinoVR may work with a phone.

Hi codetricity,
I’m trying to download the Z1 Windows Driver but I could not find it. Could you please past the link ?
Thanks in advance

I also sent you a direct message for the executable download link.

Hi Codetricity,
I got the executable. thanks a lot.
But the link is not working.


Thanks for the heads up on the link. I’ll test it more.

Glad that you were able to download the UVC4K_Z1 package from the link I sent by DM.

Sorry for the hassle in getting the driver. I think that the good people at RICOH would prefer if I don’t post the link in this public article as the driver is not officially supported (but seems to work fine). I think they only send the link to people when they ask for support.

fantastic!! now I can run ffmpeg using USB with my theta Z1. Thanks a lot.
ffmpeg -f dshow -i video=“RICOH THETA Z1 FullHD” out.mp4
i will try to not abuse, but any idea of this error I’m getting when running the above cmd ?

real-time buffer [RICOH THETA Z1 FullHD] [video input] too full or near too full (181% of size: 3041280 [rtbufsize parameter])! frame dropped!
Last message repeated 15 times 0KB vq= 0KB sq= 0B f=0/0

Sorry the rtbufsize issue is from ffmpeg and not from Z1. fixed it by adding “-preset ultrafast” to the cmd.

thanks for the prompt response. latency is indeed sensitive for us.
is there similar RTMP app works in Oculus Rift similar as Youtube APP? maybe we can limit latency in this way?
the desktop mirror software will give globe view in Rift? not a window like virtual desktop, or like a monitor in VR world.

Sorry, I know this is almost 3 years old now, but I can’t get my Theta V to work. I have the UVC drivers (correct one) installed and it shows up but then crashes giving me the error. Only thing that is for some reason different is my Theta V is showing under Cameras instead of Imaging devices in Device Manager (I also have a Mac and it crashes on there too).

What are you using to test the video? For example, are you using OBS?

On OBS, post a screenshot of your video devices similar to the one below.


Post the version of the firmware you are using on the THETA V. Use the desktop app to upgrade firmware to the newest version.

Take a picture of the physical THETA camera when it is in live streaming mode (with the word LIVE in blue) and show the cable connection.

It should look like this: