Initial Thoughts On MIKU THETA SC


Hi, all! I was lucky enough to get to try out the Hatsune Miku THETA SC, and wanted to share my thoughts with you on it. I hope you will enjoy my notes and sample images. I have been a Miku fan for many years and have an extensive collection of Miku memorabilia and arcade games (I bought my Playstations to play Project Diva! :slight_smile: ) .


Starting with the pros of the Miku THETA SC, the design is very cute. The camera is colored in Miku’s signature aqua with a white outline-style illustration of Miku’s original V1 box art. The THETA MIKU app is also designed very well.

Miku’s hair must be positioned separately, makes you think of MMD physics!

It’s easy to use and navigate (see screenshot above). The camera itself took quite nice images, and I was surprised at the clarity of them. This was my first time using a 360 camera, so I definitely have room to grow.

The camera has a very nice shutter sound, as well; it is exciting hearing such an exclusive Miku voice clip! Below you can see Miku using my cat as an armrest. Note that there is an ability to mask your images, but it can be difficult and clunky to do so (as seen below).

This is the weirdest horse Miku has ever seen…

Overall, I think that this THETA camera is very memorable and cute if you are a fan of Hatsune Miku!


As I said above, this was my first time really getting to play with a 360 camera. As such, I had some struggles getting acquainted with the THETA SC.

One issue I had was that using my phone to set up images was very strange. Free shooting was somewhat successful, as I chose to go out into nature and had plenty to look at.

Dreaming of making the world smile.

You can see Miku sleeping on a bed of flowers (lol) above. Not having a viewfinder was new to me, but I adapted after some (ugly) trial shots. Having to switch between two apps (the THETA app and the THETA MIKU app) was kind of annoying, but not actually all that troublesome.

Another issue I had with the THETA MIKU app was its lack of an “undo” feature. If something wasn’t subtracted correctly, your only choice is to add it back manually. No “undo” means that if I am masking Miku’s hair and screw up, I can’t just hit back on the portion I didn’t like - I have to painstakingly add her hair back into the frame (undoing the mask with my finger, effectively) and hope that i don’t twitch and jerk my finger across the screen.

Look at this one! It’s pink!

All in all, I think that the THETA MIKU is a very cute addition to any Miku collection, but the app itself is not great for anything that requires more than just posing and stickers. Masking is clunky, but for a mobile app it is very design forward.


Hey @zatsune, I like these! Seems like you can really place Miku in different spots in the picture. The one with her on top of the cat is hilarious. Can you post the full 360 degree images for that picture? I’d like to see Miku and the cat within the full 360 degree image.

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I put this out on Twitter.

You should create a virtual tour adventure for Hatsune Miku using something like Theasys or equivalent.