RICOH THETA SC Hatsune Miku Limited Edition

Ricoh just announced a Hatsune Miku version of the THETA SC. Main product page is here.

The special features are:

  1. blue green body and special logo. Power button lights in pink
  2. Special shutter sound for Hatsune Miku
  3. Wool soft case handmade by Japanese artisans using a fulling method
  4. Dog tag key holder with THETA logo and acrylic plate
  5. Premium box
  6. Hatsune Miku dedicated app that places Hatsune Miku into your 360 image

Special Application

Production and Sales

Product is limited to 3,939 units. Orders are accepted from September 1 to October 31.


Wow! Interesting move! Its very cute I might just have to pick one up!!


I thought it was an interesting move too, especially the app to place Hatsune Miku inside of the photosphere. Although it’s possible to do similar things right now, it’s interesting that they built a special app just for Hatsune Miku.

Just be aware that the THETA SC has no live streaming capability. It’ more for taking 360 pictures and short video clips (saved to file). The resolution is the same as the THETA S.

BTW, I am not familiar with Hatsune Miku. Is this a famous character?

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Yeah, very popular in Japan and with the larger international anime community. There have been holographic concerts done with this character and there was a Domino’s augmented reality phone app with this character as well (video here). So the collaboration makes sense, as there has been a fair amount of augmented reality already done with the character.

Pretty exciting for fans like me who are familiar with both parties! Sad its only an SC, I would much rather be able to stream like the S.


Thanks for sharing that video. It gives me a much better understanding of the Hatsune Miku culture. Japanese companies like Ricoh could have some edge with anime, potentially leveraging augmented reality and the anime characters. I’m now curious to see if Hatsune Miku will move inside of the 360 sphere or if she will be a static image.

BTW, I took my daughter to Harajuku a couple of months ago and I got a small taste for the character culture of Japan. I think we went on a Sunday and it was incredible.

She’s building some “kawaii” style games this summer. I’ll ask her if she’s interested in this style of art as well. I’ll ask her if she knows about Hatsune Miku, possibly build her own game.

I found these Hatsune Miku AR videos:

Toyota Commercials (selling cars)

Digital Music Concert Debut in Los Angeles (English news clip)


Hatsune Miku on David Letterman Late Show


@zimmermegan Thought you might like to see this. Even without translation, it’s pretty clear that Hatsune Miku is holding up and talking about the limited edition RICOH THETA SC. Pretty cool.

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It looks like there’s just a static image of her in the THETA app. Though, I wonder if you can set her emotion?

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