Is it possible to enable a plugin by default?

Hey, theta-folks – I’m working on a plugin that pre-configures the Z1 to save images in a particular way, and I’m looking for a way to force the plugin to be enabled by default. We’re planning on sending folks out with a fleet of Z1s, but it’s absolutely essential that they take photographs using the plugin we’re developing rather than the standard flow.

Is there a way to ensure a plugin is always active? Right now the best I can do is tell my users to make sure the plugin’s name is always displayed on the LED, and teach them how to use the mode button to switch between plugins – but I’d really like a way to just force the plugin to always be enabled, or at least force the Z1 into plugin mode when it boots or wakes from slee. Is that possible?

– Trevor

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There is no way to boot the plug-in by default. The most common way is use the mode button.

If you have a mobile app, you can use the API to boot the plug-in over Wi-Fi (from the mobile app).


You can set the plug-in with this:


Unfortunately, your customer would first need to connect to a mobile app. If they are already using a mobile app you build, then this workflow might work.


Thanks, just having the confirmed negative is helpful! I didn’t expect that there would be, but it seemed like a common-enough desire that if there was a way then someone here would know. Thanks for confirming!

– Trevor

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