Is it possible to get the auto exposure parameters?

I read the dev doc, the 2.1 API, I didn’t find any query function in the REST API for the auto exposure settings.

Sometimes, I wish to get the ISO and shutter speed setting that the theta S thinks it’s right, however it seems it doesn’t offer such function, so how to do it? When it is auto, shutter speed priority or ISO priority, the parameters seems hidden to us, so how to actually get into the auto exposure function inside the camera?


That’s a good question. I’m assuming you want this information prior to taking the picture?

I’ll add this to a list of API requests we will submit to product manager.

Are you building a product? Or, is this for your photo studio? Hobby?

It is important and quicker way to fetch the auto exposure measurement from the camera itself if you want the best exposure without guessing. However if such API is not available, we are limited with the provided shooting configurations. Guess I have to use some image processing algorithm to evaluate the exposure myself.

Yes I’m trying to working something out, both hobby and need in my project.

Tom, @jcasman and I meet with the THETA product manager from time to time. We will pass on this information. Thank you.

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A work around for this is to take a picture and then use ExifTool to extract the settings.

I might look into that further myself as a way to know when to make ISO and/or shutter speed adjustments during long timelapse shooting sessions.

Thanks for turning that lightbulb on for me.

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I attempted to do something similar with a raspberry pi and external lux meter for my time lapse projects. I ran into issues in low light scenarios (24hr timelapse). My 2nd thought was to use a pi camera, read the values from its exif data, and derive the appropriate theta settings from it. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to play with that idea.

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When I do timelapse I control the Theta with a pi zero and actually download the pictures as they are taken to the pi and remove them from the theta. Adding a step to run ExifTool and extract data from the pictures should be easy. The Little Black Box already has a function to run ExifTool on a Pi Stored photo.