RICOH THETA Manual Shutter and ISO

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To set the RICOH THETA shutter, ISO, and aperture you must first set the camera to manual program. If the camera is set to “normal program”, all settings are configured automatically.

When the camera is in manual program mode, you cannot use EV compensation.

Let’s first look at the API and then at how the official mobile app implements this.


Even after resetting the camera settings, the mobile app uses the last settings for the specific camera that were set with the mobile app.

However, if you press the lower Fn button twice, the camera can go on MY settings mode.

This mode will only appear if my settings is configured.

Configuring My Settings

Now when using the mobile app, I have an option for my settings.

I’m going to save these settings to my settings

  • aperture: F2.1
  • shutter: 1/50
  • ISO: 1600

I’ll set the default to manual.

Now, I’ll put the camera to sleep.

Wake the camera up from sleep and reconnect the camera.

Initially, the camera is in auto.

Press the camera Fn button twice.

MY appears on camera OLED.

long-press Fn button shows settings on OLED with [M]

Mobile app shows settings saved to My Settings.

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