Is it possible to zoom in when watching a stream from Theta?

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I am pondering on which 360 camera to get. I tested a Labpano, and with that it was possible to pan and zoom during a stream via YouTube.

So, is this possible with a Theta?

Also, is OBS Studio or YouTube the better streaming platform?

Thank you so much!

RICOH THETA V, X, Z1 will stream to YouTube at 4K 30fps. Of the three models, the Z1 is the best for streaming due to having the better heat management.

I haven’t seen the output of the camera zooming.

Is there an example of the Labpano video stream zooming on YouTube? Maybe an archive of the video on a LabPano site?

Maybe it wasn’t YouTube? Maybe it was using PiPlayer?

If you want to view the video on your computer locally, OBS will only show an equirectangular view with no navigation.

Yes! This is the demo I mentioned.

Try to see this on a computer, and please tell me if this is possible with the Ricoh models.

At what timestamp is the 360 video zooming?

It looks like a normal 4K 360 video from the portions that I watched. The zoom effect looks like they are physically moving the 360 camera toward the subject.

There’s information on the THETA live streaming features here:

At the current time, I would recommend the Z1 over the X for long-term streaming due to heat management.

Feel free to post more questions. Maybe other people on the forum can also provide you with candid real-world experience.

Sorry, I can’t say anything about the timestamp, but the camera was stationary in the room all the time.

If this is not achievable with the Ricoh, I’ll need to reconsider what camera I will recommend for purchase at our University.

Thank you so much for your help!

It looks like he’s picking up the camera at 24:33 and walking closer to the subject.

Elisa + Medialukio - Haaga Helia vierailu 3D RoboLab - PART 1 - YouTube

You can actually see his hands on the camera in the video. Tilt the perspective to the bottom of the nadir.

you can see him holding the camera and walking.

This is the new location after he moved it closer to the subject.

The only appearance of zoom I can see is when the male in the grey shirt is holding the 360 camera and walking closer to the researcher with the light-blue shirt.

That’s not what I meant.

Use your scroll wheel while you watch the recorded video, and zoom in at arbitrary points.



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Can you zoom these video from a RICOH THETA X?

live stream archive

I can’t zoom the video on Windows 10 with Chrome. Do you have browser extension or something that allows the YouTube video to be zoomed?

I read through the document below on how to zoom YouTube videos, but I can’t zoom the YouTube videos.

Thank you so much for the kind assistance you have already provided.

I am on leave now, so I will check these when I get access to my computer on Thursday.



Yes, I can zoom in on those Rcoh Theta videos.

I am attaching a screen capture of me panning and zooming in the Labpano video on Youtube

There is no add-on in my Chrome, I just us ethe touchpad on my laptop to zoom in with two fingers.


Thank you for your help with this.

The RICOH THETA videos I posted are either straight from the camera or from a live stream. They should function the same. If the zoom works for you, on those videos, it should work on the stream from the THETA Z1.

The video live stream will be limited to 4K 30fps. Be aware that if you zoom, you’ll see a loss of resolution.

Other considerations when doing a live stream

  • at the current time, the THETA X may suffer thermal shutdown after a long streaming session
  • the Z1 is fine for 24/7 streaming using a USB cable. To power the camera, the USB port needs to supply BC 1.2 (battery charging spec). Not all ports supply enough power.

The Z1 also has some nice plug-ins like the HDR Wireless Live streaming plug-in from @biviel which allow it to stream direct to YouTube from the camera.

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No no, thank you so much for being so fast and accurate with this.

I think I’d be mostly recording my lectures, and sometimes streaming them. As my budget isn’t unlimited, it may well be worth it to buy one of the Ricohs.

Have a great weekend,


Hi, @HeikkiH , as developer of “HDR Live Streaming Plugin”, which is not only for live streaming but for recording too. I just got a confirmation of a 3 hour long recording time with it. By default non of these cams can record so long… I would really advise you to buy a Z1 if for lectures you need more than 5-10 minutes operation time, both recording and/or streaming. Also here in Europe if you buy online for personal use, you can return the device within a period of time, so actually you can try to make sure it will satisfy your needs. Also for indoor, I think your best option is Z1, because of it’s lens/sensor size and the fact that my plugin works in HDR mode too. Without my plugin for videos X may work better for you, especially outdoor, as I don’t think it can record or stream in HDR, which would provide much better image quality indoor or in darker environments. Buy both cams, try both and return the one that doesn’t cover your needs!

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Thanks! I’m thinking of buying this one:

For 50eur more I’ve found the 51gb version, 2 times more storage.

If you would like to live stream or need help feel free to ask. My plugin is in Beta state , free to use and test for now.

Making z1 connect to wifi internet may be a bit harder at first time. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it, my boss approved my purchase request :sunglasses::+1:.


I did a review of the amazing HDR Wireless Live Streaming plug-in 2.0 here:

Frame quality is great.


Here is a low bandwidth 3 hour recording from taiwan, 12mbps only in h.264. 360 Metadata was added afterwards and some audio but video untouched… in h.265 this would look much better but this user reported a bug when recording in h.265 at top is a black hole…working on it to correct. RO仙境傳說20周年原野嘉年華 - YouTube

Thank you for this, it makes it evident the quality will be fine for my purposes.


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welcome, @HeikkiH !

Just to share some details, thoughts for decision.

Currently by camera as is, when using original Ricoh’s recorded Theta X seems like provides a bit better video quality VS. Theta Z1 inbuilt recorder. BUT video Recording is very limited on X, 5-8 minutes depending on temperature, while I think on Z1, even inbuilt can record up to 20 minutes videos. Both works in H.264 only and settings are limited. Some level of stabilization in inbuilt also, which means a lot if you are planning to move the cam a lot during recording and do not want to use external tools to stabilize (like Cyberlink Powerdirector).
With using my plugin the advantage is that it can record and stream in HDR mode, work is sitll in progress and improvements will come about stitching too probably in HDR mode, when moving the device a lot, it may require external stabilization tool, also to inject 360 metadata for YouTube. BUT it can also work in H.265, which looks superb compared to H.264, currently there is a bug with the size of video, but that will be resolved, I’m looking into.
My plugin, I’m planning to make it work on Theta X too, BUT I can tell that heating is there a much bigger issue, it limits a lot operation length for now, even when my plugin will be compatible with it (btw not sure when will this come).

If you like the workflow to just stream directly to youtube, Z1 is the best with my plugin, if you have proper wifi internet. If not you can record it although. Also YouTube really optimizes compression so loosing quality there too. Z1 is better lens, better hardware, especially indoor I tihnk in HDR mode it provides better quality videos.

Also a point, my plugin is a commercial plugin, so later I may ask for money, not sure when, but I may, ~30USD, as I put really lot of effort. For now I’m putting my nadir logo to bottom of streams and recordings, but also I will let users put their own nadir to the bottom, or to leave it without. Now beta test is in progress.

That’s all for now!

P.S. I’m also building a platform, dedicated for 360, a live streaming platform, if you would see how good Z1 does stream there, you would be shocked… I mean I’m testing other cams too, but indoor especially if its darker it looks even better than 8k streams. YouTube is really compressing a lot to spare space and processing power needed…7