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Stitch Alignment Issues


Just got the Z1 after months of waiting. But having issues with the stitching on the panos. Seems like lower and higher angles do not align.

Pic 1 - live view from my iPhone:!Ao4eG_1ITTClg2USVQBTgCiMQlM4?e=NdHOsZ

Pic 2 - 360 view from the Theta app after taking the pic:!Ao4eG_1ITTClg2SmimGoBTyuPS_d?e=S9Bquw

As you can see the ‘pen’ shows misalignment in the live view but stitched correctly. However, the table edge (bottom) and ceiling line (top) did not stitch well.

I have also tested this in the dual fisheye and then used RICOH THETA Stitcher plugin for Lightroom, I can fix it manually but then the opposite becomes misaligned.

This there a way to align or calibrate the Z1 or do I have a defective unit?


Stitching depends on the subject distance as there is always a parallax error between the two separate lenses.
You can not stitch for different distances at the same time.

This is my first 360 cam so this is all new to me. Does your camera do the same?

Hi, @luckydogbestboy
You should make sure that you turn off CVR in camera settings.
In this case, CVR was on? or off?


Hi @Juantonto

Thank you for the suggestion on turning off CVR.

Good and bad news.

The Bad. Turing off/on CVR alone did not change my stitch alignment issues but…

The Good. After taken many pics with all different setting combinations (eg Normal, Interval, etc, + tripod on/off settings + CVS on/off) I was able to take 3 perfect 360s. Then I moved the camera and the alignment issue come back. Then the battery ran out.

I am thinking (hoping) this is a software/firmware issue. I need to do more testing and record my steps.

Really hope I can reproduce the perfect 360s again.


No, unfortunately this is just physics - you can’t fix it! :wink:
Dealing with this is the craftmanship of 360 photography.

In the stitcher, you can control the stitching for different subject distances.
Try this!

You do use the stitcher instead of being pleased with the in-camera generated JPEG, right?
If not, you’re wasting most of the Z1’s potential.

Hi @CorLeone,

I can fix it with stitcher but the opposite angle of the pano becomes misaligned.

Does your Z1 have stitching issues out of the camera? If so, I’ll except it as it being part of the craft. But if not, then why is my unit having issues?

I just want to know if I have a defective unit. But I still think it’s software. Why would the in camera stitching have different results in different shooting modes?

For the sample subject you have provided stitching errors are unavoidable due to the parallax involved.

You should learn the basic concepts such as how to handle parallax: