List of DIY projects for THETA

Here are some fun/useful/interesting DIY projects you can do with your THETA. If you have any DIY projects you’d like to add, just post a comment and I’ll take a look!

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I’ve created in Ruby a project to detect northern lights on the sky using a Ricoh Theta S.
If you are interested take a look at:

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This looks really cool. I’m going to take a closer look tomorrow, hopefully. I was just looking at using ImageMagick for a THETA project, so it’s cool to see how you implemented minimagick. What do you do to scan for northern lights, is it watching for a certain level of brightness using minimagick? Also, do you have any pictures of your hardware test setup? Really cool that you include WEATHER_API_KEY, since I’m guessing clouds and northern lights might be detected in a similar fashion (and cause false positives). Why did you choose to build it in Ruby? Thanks for posting!

I am looking just at the sky after sunset and when it is not cloudy since it is not possible to see the northern lights when cloudy or daylight, then I am selecting the part of the sky that is considered sky and pixel by pixel identifying how green it is, depending on the percentage of the pixels found I declare an aurora index. I don’t have any public data to test.

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I used Ruby… just because I am happier writing code on Ruby :smiley:

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Checking green-ness pixel by pixel, love it!

I see a typo in Line 36 of aurora_detector.rb - Ok to submit a PR to fix it?

And, yes, was pretty sure that would be your answer on Ruby. :slight_smile:

Super cool!

go ahead! thanks!!!

Submitted for your consideration :slight_smile: