THETA x IoT Developers Contest Upcoming Deadlines and Contest Details

Less than two weeks to register for the Ricoh THETA x IoT Developers Contest!

The deadline to register is August 10, 2016, but the deadline for work submission to the contest is August 31, 2016. You still have time to do something great! If you haven’t registered, yet, you can find a step-by-step guide for how to register, and how to get access to the cloud API here:

The Ricoh Cloud API (beta) is being provided for contestants before its official release. It has the following functions:

  • Photo & media storage
  • Video communication
  • Remote control
  • Image processing

You can find a guide for how to use the API here:

An excellent tutorial for how to use the API over USB here:
Using the THETA API Over USB

And a full presentation on the API (complete with translated voiceover) here:

The grand prize winner of the contest will net nearly $10,000, while the remaining $40,000 will be spread out over various prize categories. This contest is about developing apps that effectively integrate the Theta with the internet, including sensors, data on the web, and so on.

This guy used Unity to view real-time, 360-degree video streaming:
Using Ricoh THETA Live View with Unity

There’s also a “gadget” category for the contest. If you need DIY inspiration, here’s a list of DIY projects for the THETA:

Another example of a submission to this category could be a gadget that utilizes the 3D data of the THETA. During this contest, 3D model data of camera enclosures, including that of the latest RICOH THETA S, is provided for contestants before its official release. The data can be downloaded on the top page of the entry site:

Contestants can obtain the THETA SDK by registering themselves as a developer at the following URL:

2015 Prize Winners
The prize-winning works of the RICOH THETA Developers Contest held in 2015 are available for your reference at the following URL:

You can find much more contest information by following these links:

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