List of Professional VR/360 Photographers

A list of professional VR/360 photographers from around the world
(Let me know in the comments if you have an addition!)



























Is there a way to accept contributed content from the community that they want to donate usage rights to our Unofficial Guides?

I need 360 THETA pictures and videos. We can provide attribution and the artist retains copyright. I just want to be able to use the media in documentation and other promotional material. I need the actual video and image files from the THETA, not just embedded on a site or youtube. it could be a way for the artist to promote their services. We get 30,000 views/month.

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Tyler thanks for the email basically all my work is private and not on the internet I am contracted by a company to produce work for an internal intranet and I am under contract not to have a website to display these panoramas.

Basically I have a canon 5d mk2 with 8/15mm lens and nodal ninja head and equipment to produce these, I use PTgui to stitch and pano2vr5.1 to assemble or autopano and autopano giga to assemble depending on whether it’s a pano or a Gigapan. I also use a phantom drone with a Hero 5 and a Ricoh Theta for personal quick and dirty paños some of those you will find on the Ricoh site and some on the various sites on Facebook where I have been a member for a long time.

I also use an Olympus with a 8mm sigma f3.5 and fuji w3 and a stereo realist film camera for stereo film work

I have also recently bought the dji osmo plus to have a play with and in my day work use a Steadicam rig and Red and Arri cameras. Have been taught by Robin Thwaite here in Spain at

Sorry I can’t give you a website I am just contracted not to have one as my work is of a sensitive nature and involves bringing new products to market and branding

I am also partially retired. I have recently registered in the hope I can pop a few up of where I live and are not work related.



Neil Scott

Virtual Tours in Belarus.
Rusian guy Ivan Tsyrkunovich he has very high quality on hes panoramas

5 more days to enter the contest.

You should add this in an excel document and maybe categorize them by country :slight_smile: and speciality.

I can do this for you because I had already done this before :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great idea, but I don’t have all that information. If you’d like to post your excel document, I’m sure it would be a hit!

Although I am already a Google Trusted Photographer (listed) and actively posting panoramas on Google Street View and Google Maps with nearly 10-million views, I somehow don’t seem to have made your list. But then I didn’t yet ask to be listed. :smiley: I use a Ricoh Theta V (sometimes with Cupix), as well as the old-fashioned higher-resolution DSLR and fish-eye lens (with PTGui, Photoshop, Pano2VR, etcetera). My details are below. Thank you!

Timothy Oldfield ~ Washington State 360 [USA] - &
Roundme - create Stock 360 VR panoramic pictures virtual tour online

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Timothy, thanks very much for the samples and links. Great to add you to the list. You even have a nice shiney :new: next to your name now! :slight_smile:

Thank you sir!

Looking forward to using my new Theta (V) more, although I love the higher
resolution of my old-fashioned DSLR method. It will be fun to be better
informed through your tribe. :blush:

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Great to meet you. This is an informative community, hopefully friendly and helpful. Feel free to post what you’re working on… or ideas… or questions. Looking forward to learning from you!