Looking for good React Templates and an Easy Workflow

I’ve started looking at React templates that we can use to post information in the form of a website for each consumption.

I’m looking at

Does anyone have any experience with these sites? Any templates you’ve used?

Paying some amount of money is okay, it does not need to be free.

There are both free and paid versions of the Material Kit 2 React




Using the free version, I downloaded the kit from the Creative Tim site and ran npm install. I then ran npm start

It starts up easily

easy editing

The workflow seems a little easier than the bootstrap template Sparrow we are currently using. The npm start ran on Windows 11 with no problem.

Next Steps

We will need to test it with more complex changes and workflow. Initially, it looks the same as a bootstrap workflow.

Maybe finding a nice React Template and learning to integrate Bootstrap into it. But this way we would have to design the bootstrap.

Another option could be finding a React Template with Bootstrap in it already.

I would think the workflow and commands would work much better if the template is using React as the main technology. Maybe we can bypass Bootstrap completely and just find a nice looking React Template that has responsiveness already designed in it.

The last option I could think of is using a nice Bootstrap template and turning it into a React App.

Currently, I am more interested in using a React template that we can follow closely. It’s a bit daunting to try and convert a bootstrap template to React when I don’t know React very well.

I would only consider a bootstrap to React conversion if it was easy and we could not find pre-built React template with a design we like.

I’m looking for a React template with many example homes and pages.

For discussion going forward, we can pick a specific design or set of designs and we can assess the ease of editing the template. Post the link to the design system and include a “preview” where we can view the sample site in a browser.

Note that one of the templates listed below uses reactstrap

One way to dive in is to get this bundle:

React Bundle

I’m not really excited by the Creative Tim designs, but look usable.

The relevant design systems in the bundle above are:

Although it’s fairly easy to edit the Sparrow bootstrap template, I am having problems publishing it on GitHub Pages.

Django and React

I’m likely going to set up a Django and React test server in the future. I’d like to first set up a standalone React site to get a better understanding of what is involved.

Tip from @erikrod1 for possible evaluation.