React Native Guide for Windows In Development

In Progress Guide

Hello everyone, I’m currently in development of a guide that will show you how to setup the demo React Native app from RICOH to help you get started in your development journey!

THETA SDK docs | help

For reference I used the official RICOH THETA Client guide as well as the linked YouTube guide that shows how to do it on Mac OS.

GITHUB How to create React Native project

VIDEO theta-client with React Native

To check out the progress of my guide as well as check out other guides that are done or in development get the documents here Website to Subscribe. Useful information and tips will be included in the new community documents site that will be easy to navigate through and follow.


Here is a sample of what the website will look like Sample Website based on my previous article in this forum about using Tasker.

It’ll be great to see more people building modifications to theta-client.

I spent some time with theta-client and my own Flutter application that I built from scratch, not using demo-flutter. It’s a real pleasure to use theta-client as it handles a lot of http camera to phone communication.

These are some of the modifications I made on Flutter

  • added Panorama to view images in 360
  • adjusted panorama for things like zoom
  • added buttons to get camera information for testing

I hope to dig into the react-native-demo more and look forward to your completed install and basic setup guide.

Update March 13 afternoon

I have it working on Windows 11

flickering on live preview

I am getting flickering on Android. do you see this as well?


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Complete build process on Windows 11