mimoLive Now Supports Facebook's Live 360° Streaming

mimoLive is a multi-in, multi-out live video engine created by Boinx Software.

The Unofficial Guide included mimoLive in the Live Streaming Guide since they have a great service with support specifically for the THETA S that can accept a USB or HDMI live streaming in dual-fisheye.

Boinx Software contacted us recently to announce support for Facebook 360° Live Streaming. They now support live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or any other RTMP-based streaming service, without the need for any additional hardware.

Here is the main BoinxBlog post on the announcement:

Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software, says “we mounted the Theta S using Achim’s 3D printed tripod mount to my car and drove around the quaint city of Leoben, Austria, where my brother lives."

The description of the video states:

Take a tour with Achim Breidenbach and Oliver Breidenbach around Leoben, Austria. The live stream was produced with a Theta S camera mounted to the top of Oliver’s car, connected via USB to a MacBook Pro running mimoLive. The connection to the Internet was established via an iPhone’s personal hotspot and LTE.

Take a special note of the Google maps projection at the bottom of the stream that gives the location in real time and the Facebook Likes layer which displays the reactions to the live stream.

For more information see: https://boinx.com/blog/post/mimolive-2-9-facebook-spherical-video-live-streaming/