Using Facebook Live 360 Video for Marketing

Joel Comm, author at SocialMedia Examiner recently wrote an article on using Facebook Live 360 Video for Marketing. As I previously wrote an article on using the RICOH THETA S with Facebook Live 360, I was keenly interested in the practical applications for business.

Source: How to Use Facebook Live 360 Video for Marketing by Joel Comm on Social Media Examiner

Joel made several points about how 360 video differs from standard live streaming marketing events.

  • make the most of your location: let your viewers look around while they listen. tidy up before you go live
  • mobile live 360 broadcasts: aim for broadcasts that are 10 to 20 minutes in length. get Internet bandwidth of 4 Mbps for the broadcast
  • marketing integration:
    • make live events inclusive for on-site and remote attendees. put long-distance viewer in the action. take part in exclusive performances
    • show viewers what’s going on behind the curtains
    • attract attention with scenic experiences

Thanks for posting this @codetricity. Interesting that he notes network bandwidth should 4 Mbps for broadcasts. (Presumably higher is fine.) I know you’ve mentioned issues with your network speeds at home and live streaming. Is yours slower than 4 Mbps?

I believe there’s an error in Joel’s article. I believe it should say, 4Mbps upload speed or Target bitrate, the wording we received from Facebook. I think the published specs from Facebook are a bit ambiguous, but I think that the upload speed is more important.

Yes, my upload speed is much slower than 4Mbps. You can help by providing higher-res screenshots for this documentation. Actually, anyone from the community can help. If someone wants to put a better screenshot in this thread, I can update the HowTo guide with their screenshot.

This one is fuzzy due to bandwidth problems on my side.