NEW: Plug-ins can be shared privately through the THETA Plug-in Store

It used to be that plug-ins must be submitted to the THETA Plug-in Store in order to distribute them. Only people who know the URL of the plug-in will be able to access it.

Announcement here:

By the way, you can also search plug-ins by model now:

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 1.36.05 PM

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Do you know if the URL changes with each release of the plug-in? Or, is there a private URL for the account on the store in general? I’m thinking of trying it out with the 8K 2fps and 8K 5fps videos

hi, @craig,
once you get that URL, would you be kind and share with me? Or are you aware of any other URL of a plugin that’s not listed on Ricoh store?


I didn’t actually submit my plug-in as unlisted. This is a new feature, so I’m not sure what the format is.

We can try and send a note to RICOH customer support on the plug-in store and ask for an example of the URL.

@biviel We got more information on the new functionality for the Plug-in Store.

hi, @jcasman ,
I’m not sure if I understand the difference, as plugin Burst-IBL-Shooter | RICOH THETA Plug-in Store is also listed on the store… I thought that there will be only a direct link provided that will initiate directly a download like this: theta360://plugins/info.cgslab.burstiblshooter/apk

Are you saying that the only difference will be that the whole actual plugin page will not be listed on store but the rest will be there?


@biviel Sorry, that was not an example of a hidden URL, it was an example showing that the URL is not long or complicated. It looks the same as the public Plug-in Store URLs.

thanks, @jcasman , I misunderstood the concept before. So there will be still a “page” like that for the luging, with description, image, etc. and INSTALL button, but it will just not be listed. I thought before that only an APK link will be there starting with “theta360://” to launch Ricoh Theta desktop app only.

@biviel I have not used it yet, so I can’t confirm it completely. But, yes, I believe that is how it will work: A page with all the information and the install button, just not public.

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Can you advise on your preferred scenario?

Do you want a hidden URL that changes without a storefront so that it is easier for you to sell your plug-in?

If you tell us what would help your business, we can document the request and pass it on to RICOH.