New version of 360 HDR Bracket Tool app just released for Theta S & SC


This is the IBL rendering result created by the OpenEXR file made by the bracket images taken with my app.

The Android release is here, 360 HDR Bracket Tool. iOS version on App Store is 360 Bracket Tool For TD.

This app is for automatically shooting 360 images at different exposure settings, it’s the most convenient app in the market specially for 3D animation Rendering, Gaming production etc.

The 2.0 version allows Backplates Shooting with your phone, that’s designed for producing photo realistic works with Image Based Lighting technique.




Thanks very much for posting your information and the screenshots. I’ve added your app to the List of RICOH THETA Apps here, in the Photo Editing section: You can edit the file directly if you want to make changes, like when you have your next upgrade. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!


Thank you so much, great community :smile:



Hi Jianming,

Your app is the first iOS HDR app for Theta to work with the Theta V.

Can you update it to take advantage of the ISO 64 speed and 1/25,000 sec shutter speed? These two combined will give an extra 2 2/3 stops of highlight capture on sunny days for HDR stitching!


@benr, where does it indicate that it works with Theta V?

It doesn’t indicate anywhere on the app or literature, however it “just works” (with my limited testing).

None of the other Theta HDR bracketing apps I have tried currently work with the V.

Understood, thanks for posting that info.