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Nice 360 Time-lapse video production? Now possible with Theta!

I just uploaded a 360 time-lapse video, please check

The images from this video are taken with Theta S and my new app

This app is capable of shooting interval 360 images with Theta S and SC devices. As long as power supplies, it will work with your cell phone. iOS version is coming soon.

Thanks this nice community again for my previous app



Thanks. Just shared this on Twitter. Cool.


Thanks for sharing. I will look for the iOS version! I am going to do a time-lapse of the eclipse on Monday with my Theta. I haven’t decided the best settings, but I may just go with auto mode and see what happens.


I cannot have the evidence of the advantages of your app VS the default interval shooting mode. Is it possible to define braketing inside a time lapse loop givend some time costrains? this will be really useful :wink: