New Z1 Support in DualFisheye Plug-in by Ichi Hirota Update

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Benefits of merging 5 DNG shots


Hi there!
Awesome plug-in!
I’ve tested it already:

  • easy to use;
  • auto bracketing;
  • burst mode - realy fast!

My regards! thanks for the work you’ve done!


This plug-in is really useful, especially the bracketing feature!

If I could vote for an enhancement for the next version, it would be to set the ISO value. Currently, it seems to be fixed at 64 which is fine for bracketing as a fixed mount is often used in this case anyway. For burst mode, there may be situations where a higher ISO value may be more appropriate to get a faster shutter speed.


Hi, there. Have you tested the amazing plugin yet?
I’ve successfully created an HDR(RAW) image with using Bracket mode(DNG, -2,-1,0,1,2) inside the Japanese old style house. Have a look.

Yes. I know well what you want to say. “Awful highlight!”

Before shooting, I purposely opened the sliding door at the entry hall to check the highlight issue. We cannot avoid overexposure in (-2) bracketing image. However, 5 or higher bracketing mode may provide us low noise image after merging in LR Classic, like as Kandao Raw+. It’s amazing!

If you want to see the result of Burst9 mode and Kandao Raw+, visit the website as below.

All 360 images merged and developed in Adobe Lightroom Classic, stitched by RICOH THETA Stitcher. Nadir touched by Photoshop.

Ooops, you might need to cheat THETA Stitcher for the images captured by the plugin.
Good luck!



Toyo, thanks for these great tests. If you have more tests, please send them to us. @jcasman and I are working on an article on Ichi’s plug-in for our app listing site.

This Plugin is awesome!

I work in Film VFX on set, so have been looking into a way to use the Theta Z1 to replace my full frame camera and 8mm for taking bracketed HDRI images.

I had previously been testing Authydra, which is an excellent app but doesn’t yet have the DNG support. This one does!

Here are my thoughts when testing:

  • Captures DNG and jpg - Excellent!
  • Brackets up to 9 images - Just what I needed!
  • Takes both 180º photos at the same time - and this is a fast process. All said and done, capturing all the images I needed took less than a minute.
  • No HDR processing, just the raw images and saves so much time without this.
  • Easy to set up. Doesn’t require connecting with an iPhone/iPad. All set up and capture done on camera.
  • Each sequence of photos is saved in a new folder and easily transfers to a computer with Theta File transfer app.
  • You can set a 10 second delay. so press the button and step back.
  • It retains previous plugin settings.
  • much faster capture than any of the other plugins I’ve tried!

Attached are some quick tests I did. One inside, one outside.


This app is excellent, there are a couple of things I’d love to see in a next version (if requests are being taken)

  • As you can see from my tests, the settings work great inside, but the bracketing range is not so good outside. (aperture is set to f2.1. It would be great if there was an indoor/outdoor setting or you could close down the aperture).
  • In the DNGs, the 2 180º images are top up. However, in the corresponding jpg the images are rotated. It would be great if the jpg could have the images top up too, like the DNG.
    Attached are examples of a DNG and corresponding JPG.


Thanks so much to Ichi Hirota. This plugin is amazing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all this awesome feedback. I’ve emailed Ichi Hirota and included the specific feature requests from @JollyTVFX and @CorLeone. I’ve also sent him the link to this discussion thread.

Also want to make sure people know about Ichi’s other mobile apps.

THETA Z1 Stitcher

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Hello, let me note a few things.

  1. inconsistency of image direction between DNG and JPG
    That’s RICOH’s implementation. Somehow JPG is weirdly rotated. Maybe because V was like that…?

  2. outside issue
    That’s a bug of aperture control. Current version always sets it at f2.1. I already fixed this issue, but new version has been still under review by RICOH. Normally it takes 1 week+.

  3. ISO for burst mode
    For it’s limited # of buttons, selecting ISO is not feasible. Let me know if there is common agreement of controlling ISO vs shutter values. I guess it depends on scenes though.



Hello hirota41,

Thank you for your reply. I wanted to say again how great this plugin is and thank you for creating and sharing it.

  1. I understand. Thank you for clarifying this is a Ricoh thing.

  2. Outside. Excellent! Thanks so much, I look forward to Ricoh approving the next version. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


Updated 2.1.2

Thank you very much. @hirota41 さん
I’ll try it very soon.



Hello @hirota41.

We are, we are verifying the HDRI creation using the RAW of the Z1.

This plugin is great,
However, this plugin does not fully utilize the RAW of Z1.
When shooting in RAW, 3EV steps are fine.
In addition, the setting of 6 brackets of the following image is a setting that can be used in most scenes, and the upper 4 sheets are sufficient for outdoor use.

I am happy to be able to set my own brackets like this.
I think that RAW bracket shooting will be possible in about 10 seconds with 4 or 6 images in 3EV steps. This is great!
It’s revolutionary if these are made possible with additional features or separate plugins.


360 Timelapse—This is the target that Ichi Hirota has aimed. I believe so.

My workflow;
1.Shoot 17 Raw images with Burst Mode of Dualfisheye Plugin
2.Developed and stitched in Lightroom and Theta Stitcher
3.Exported JPG equirectangular.
4.Import them Pano2VR Pro to patch the nadir
5.Export again as transformed JPG images.
6.Import them to Android phone(SH-M12 Android9 Pie)
7.Converted the Timelapse movie file(.mp4) with THETA+ app
6.Import it into THETA Basic app
7.Uploaded it on YouTube.

You can also see the 360 photo merged in Kandao Raw+. In this case, the merged dng is not compartible with THETA Stitcher.

Hope you enjoy.

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Lots of nice details here. I believe you picked human subjects who are wearing masks (presumably to avoid germs) as a way of protecting privacy. Interesting.

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Upgrade to 2.2.2 will solve problems with highlight issue. Photo by Ichi Hirota.


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Maybe its allowed to ask that here. I am trying >dualFishEye and its working fine - when i am manually click on the shutter button.
Unfortunately i need to “click” during the cam is on a 7meter stick up in the air. How could i solve that problem when i want to use that plugin?
When the plugin is used, the connection to my phone are “cutted/ended”.
Is there a option i do not see at the moment?

No problem asking the question, but I don’t know of an answer right now. I believe the author would need to add bluetooth support to the plug-in. He’s on this forum and might respond.


Hi, @gcorner
You can use 10sec Timer to hold the WiFi button.(long press but not too long)
And let me notice that this plug-in should not be supported for handheld shooting.

Good luck

PS. This is the latest shooting sample for HDR-DNG +/-4. Please share yours with us.


Hello @Juantonto
Thanks for you reply.
The 10sec timer is normally a good idea. But my Theta is at around 7 meter up in the sky (i am not using it handheld). I cannot push the Button. And even mounting takes longer than 10 seconds (base is my stable tripod, then a microphone pole, than the stick, then the Theta - it stand stable). But it takes some time to mount securely. That last longer than 10 seconds (more 2-4 minutes or longer).
I am searching for a way to use the plugin and be able to “push the shutter” even when the Theta is mounted up in the sky not reachable by me with my hands.
In which way ever that might be. Long cable(?), Bluetooth(?), Wlan and via Browser? (like e.g. Authydra). At the moment i have no idea to use that helpful plugin.

Good afternoon! Using plugin, when exporting an HDR file, I get the error “no compatible dng file”. Tell me what the problem is? I shoot on Theta Z1, with the latest firmware and updated plugin. I’ll attach screenshots.

QIP Shot - Screen 564 17.02.20