Not nice colors

the photos I make are “indifferent” to the color. is there a choice in the camera to make the colors more vibrant?


I’m not a photographer, so I can’t give advice, but looking at Jason Sievers, here’s an example:

From Jason Sievers

Shot on my Theta S, f/2.0, ISO 100, Shutter 1/3200, Overcast White Balance, Edited in Photoshop to boost color saturation and clone out the Theta.

Another Jason Sievers example:

Title: Summer Doll Party Planet
Attribution: Jason and Isabel
Notes: We shot this at the schoolyard near our home around 5:00 pm on a HOT (98º) summer afternoon. f/2.0, 1/4000, ISO 100, AWB, edited with Theta+ and Photoshop

Title: ISS Flyover 3rd Submission
Attribution: Dave Michal
Location: Corktown Park, Hamilton, Ontario
Notes: Ricoh Theta S, nighttime (9:43pm local time), no flash, focal length 1.31mm, exposure time 1/4 sec, ISO 400, JPEG, 818.22 kb, 5376 x 2688

The tip that really stands out is to boost the color saturation with Photoshop.