White Balance (WB) and Exposure Compensation (EV) settings

I’m taking sample pictures to test the API of the camera. As I plan to distribute the test pictures to other developers, I’m experimenting with different image settings. I don’t know how to effectively set up a shot and am looking for advice.

I’m likely going to use EV 1.0, but I am unfamiliar with WhiteBalance. Using WB fluorescent looks a little pink. Using WB warmWhiteFluorescent looks a little blue. The auto doesn’t convey enough energy. My co-worker likes the warmWhiteFluorescent

Are there any guidelines on how I should use the WhiteBalance settings?

theta-api-specs/white_balance.md at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

1. auto

2. EV 1.0, WB auto

3. EV 1.0, WB _dayWhiteFluorescent

4. EV 1.0, WB _warmWhiteFluorescent

5. EV 1.0, WB _dayLightFluorescent

6. EV 1.0, WB fluorescent