Online tool to convert 360 image into video


I’ve been playing with 360 photos and figured out many websites can’t display them properly. But they can display videos, so I created this tool to convert 360 sphere and panoramic photos into video or gif files. Controls are simple and I hope self-explanatory, you can set video length, size and few more parameters. Most importantly, no need to install anything. On the other hand, it can be slow and limited by what chrome/javascript can do. Like, it can be slow if your computer is slow and consume all your memory for large input/output files :slight_smile:
But it can turn this

Into this (quality reduced to reduce image size)


Looking for feedback!

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@eGene, this looks pretty interesting. I think the Use Cases you list (hotels/restaurants on sites like TripAdvisor, Hosts showing properties on sites like VRBO or Airbnb; Auto dealers on sites like or Autotrader) make good sense to me.

Since I’m not working for one of the types of companies outlined above, my opinion probably isn’t directly relevant. My guess is that the ability to pause the rotation would be useful. However, adding navigation controls is probably a different effort.

I tried using it. It’s a nice clear interface. Adding details like standard resolution sizes for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more is excellent.

My experience converting a THETA V jpeg to .webm format was pretty zippy and easy. Converting to .gif took a long time (3-5 minutes), but you give a clear warning. (“Creating a GIF file. It will take time.”) It came out to 101MB.

I’m going to try testing a little more. Especially interested to try posting to Twitter and sending in email to some friends and family and see what kinds of reactions I get.

Thanks for posting!


I tried a Z1 image and got stuck on this screen:

Did you get it to work with a Z1 image? The input image is a 8MB JPEG.


The image I used for testing is available here.


Tried that image and it did work well for me. Are you using chrome in ubuntu?


I was using Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04. I’m on a different computer now. Using Windows 10 and Chrome, I am achieving successful conversions with the Z1 images now.

It might be useful to create a bootstrap web page to show off the technology and give people ideas of how it can be used.

Do you think more people will use it for social media?

Maybe have a link about “Share to Instagram”?


As for background video, I think it’s a good use case, but not sure what I can do for it. Like preparing code snippets for most popular frameworks? Sound like a lot of tracking and update as those change frequently. Sharing idea I like, will think how it can be done appropriately for this service.

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I was thinking of creating one example site that you link to from the tool promotional material. The goal is to give web developers ideas on how to use the videos made with your tool, thus stimulating demand to use the tool.

I’m suggesting to illustrate “ideas” on usage, not the actual code examples. though, with bootstrap, the person can just “show source code” from the browser. @jcasman and I might be able to help build some examples.