A good source of before and after images?

I am trying to find a source of images to show my before / after comparison widget, paid or free. There are plenty of 360-degree images, but not of the same location suitable for my needs. Erasing people and objects is fun, but not quite what I want, I would rather have some before / after renovation, with / without furniture, construction site over time, some real life scenarios people actually want to see.

Live version: https://splits.360in.click/48356057-df72-4e1a-9992-fdfd68b03be1

The viewer looks fantastic. Thanks for the update. Is splits.360in.click a new service that you’re starting?

You can try and contact these types of companies:

  • real estate software or real estate companies
  • construction software companies or large construction companies
  • various types of inspection companies

It’s possible they could share pictures with you in exchange for testing your viewer.

Also, there are AI-generated photos that can add different types of assets.

Can your viewer at splits.360in.click accept the input images on left and right through an API endpoint?

Not new really, I mentioned it in the converter topic earlier. But I never had time to market it, and I think it’s a great tool those types of companies you mentioned could utilize. I am thinking to enhance these splits now. No API, it’s all manual process now, so maybe I need to add them to API; also need to let user set initial viewer params.

Maybe sending cold emails “try our viewer in exchange to photos” is a proper thing to do.

It may work. You could also potentially license your viewer to these industries. It would make it easier if there were an API so that they can just use the viewer portion in their existing workflow.

How do you charge for your current API?

For the image viewer, do you have image filters, same as you do with the photo to video?

If I drag the image to the Upload image, I see the interface for the image to video.

Is there a way to test out just the comparison viewer?

If there’s a trial version of the image viewer API, I’d be interested in trying it when/if it’s available.

Implementing an API wrapper for it is not a problem, the problem for me is finding right people who can use it as I am not good at marketing. I am trying to change it.

The API access is only provided to “pro” plan users and only on demand because I run a dedicated server for each client who needs it. I can give you a key to API and few sample requests if you want to try it. The video you have on your channel is created with that API, so that’s what it can do if you need an idea.

Only logged in users can create splits, so sign in, then go to Splits menu (or url https://360photo-to-video.com/#/splits), otherwise you won’t be able to save it. Free users can only create one split and it only lasts 24 hours. Let me know if you need more splits and more time, I’ll switch you to some plan.

There are no filters in splits.

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Thanks for all this great information. This is all the access I need right now. The service looks great.

With the $14.99/month or $149/year basic plan, how many splits can the customer create? Is the number only capped by the 100MB storage that is shared with the videos?

That’s correct, can create as many splits as long it does not exceed storage limit.