Oppkey THETA ATK v0.2.0-alpha Availability

Version 0.2.0 of the internal test kit that Oppkey uses to test RICOH THETA cameras is on GitHub. This is primarily a command line tool, but there are some demonstrations of the API on Flutter.


Binary Downloads

New Features

Test downloads of more than 100 thumbnails. The scrolling is a bit slow, but the demonstration shows that that more than 1000 thumbnails can be acquired.



listFiles now accepts startPosition and option for fixLimit

 .\opptheta_windows_0.2.0.exe listFiles --help
list video and image files on camera

Usage: opptheta listFiles [arguments]
-h, --help             Print this usage information.
    --fileType         --fileType=all | image | video
    --entryCount       --entryCount=20
    --maxThumbSize     --maxThumbSize=640 to show thumbs | 0 for no thumbs
    --startPosition    --startPosition=101
    --entriesOnly      --entriesOnly=true : show single list of all entries
    --fixLimit         --fixLimit=true : list more than 100 files


New options for intervalShoot allow capturing of hundreds of test images with one command.

> .\opptheta_windows_0.2.0.exe intervalShoot --help
test interval shooting with 2 sets of 2 shots

Usage: opptheta intervalShoot [arguments]
-h, --help             Print this usage information.
    --captureNumber    --captureNumber=10
    --sets             numbers of sequence sets

Run "opptheta help" to see global options.

100 image shoot example

> .\opptheta_windows_0.2.0.exe intervalShoot --sets=1 --captureNumber=10

  "name": "camera.setOptions",
  "state": "done"
first interval set in progres