Paid Plug-in Workarounds

As the THETA Plug-in Store does not have the option for paid Plug-ins, several people from the community are looking into workarounds to sell their plug-ins.


Here are two strategies that we’ve heard about.

Concept #1 - Web GUI on Plug-in Accepts License Key

  1. Developer has a separate web site that allows customers to buy a license key using a normal mechanism such as Stripe. Customer gets license key as a text string and saves it for future use.
  2. Customer goes to plug-in store to get the plug-in. There is no payment on the THETA plug-in store
  3. Customer installs plug-in on THETA and starts plug-in
  4. Customer starts web configuration tool using RICOH official mobile app
  5. Web GUI for the plug-in accepts a license key that is sent to the THETA
  6. Plug-in in THETA receives license key and unlocks the THETA

Concept #2 - Commercial Mobile App Adds Advanced Settings

  1. Customer buys commercial mobile app from Google Play or Apple App Store. The mobile app is used to configure the plug-in
  2. Customer downloads plug-in from THETA Store. There is no payment on the THETA Store.
  3. Customer installs plug-in
  4. Customer uses commercial mobile app to configure the plug-in on the THETA with advanced settings

Currently, these are concepts. No developer has implemented the plug-ins. If you have a workaround to sell your plug-in, please contribute your idea here.

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