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Photographer getting into 360 tours - Am I on the right track?

Greetings all.

I’ve been exploring the copious 3D/360 options over the last week and still feel a bit bamboozled!

I would really appreciate any feedback, just to make sure I’m not making any huge mistakes. Here are my choices for kit, etc. Does it all sound reasonable?

Camera - I’ve ordered the Theta Z1.
I was considering getting a pano head and fisheye lens for my cameras, but after looking into it, decided the longer workflow (and thus cost) would not be appreciated in my local market here in Ireland.

Software/Hosting - Matterport
I feel like the dollhouse and 3D transitions are features that many realtors will expect. I too, prefer 3D transitions to a “360 gallery”, which I find jarring. I explored Metareal, but unfortunately there is no option to be both cheap or quick, only one or the other. Also, my local MLS, currently supports embedding Matterport tours, and no other kind.

Disappointed that I can’t do extra editing with Matterport, but the idea is for 360 to be a supplemental service to my photography, at least for now.

Finally, I’m wondering if anyone uses an iPhone in combination with the Theta Z1, or should I opt for an iPad for more power and screen real estate. Actually, I’m not sure if the iPhone can be used to control the Z1 with Matterport.

Thanks for any thoughts on all this!