Theta SC2 or Z?

Hi there, I’m considering a Theta SC2 or Z and wondering if anyone can help answer a couple of questions

Basically, I want to:

  1. take handheld ‘still’ 360º photos
  2. Upload them quickly and easily into Street View
  3. View in VR (Currently using Wander on the Oculus Quest 2)

A) How complicated is the process on the Theta SC2 or Z to take photos and upload to Street View?
(I’m interested in single shots, as well as ones every few meters that have arrows connecting them)

B) Does anyone have any links to Street View images taken on the SC2 and Z? (I’m a little concerned over the image quality when viewing through an Oculus Quest 2, so would like to check some out)

If you take still images, the RICOH mobile app can add the GPS coordinates for individual pictures automatically. Other people can comment on the ease of use.

Trying to Maintain Accurate GPS tags on my Theta Z photos - #8 by craig

It seemed reasonably accurate in my tests above.

There is free software on this forum to combine the GPS data file on your mobile phone (with a GPS logger) with the video.

See this by @Dean_Z

Theta Z1 GPS track in VIDEO files - #11 by Dean_Z

You can get the images as still images and put them in your VR headset as a test of quality.

Oculus Go Plug-in Enables Direct Connection Between THETA V and Headsets

Z1 DNG RAW image samples

THETA Z1 Sample DNG RAW Images

SC2 image sample (enter an email for immediate access)

RICOH THETA SC2 Developer Information

You may be able to find other sample images