Please complete this simple Ricoh Theta usability questionnaire


Hello Ricoh Theta community! My classmate, Justin and I are working on a usability test at the University of South Florida. We were tasked to choose a digital device for analysis. We chose the Ricoh Theta! By completing this simple survey of 11 questions with a 1-5 rating, you will help us to complete this assignment. It should only take a few seconds. Thank you in advance for your help!

Thank you!

Robert Lockridge
University of South Florida (Information Studies - Information Architecture)


Filled in the form, hope to see the results. When will you finish the questionnaire?


Thank you, Jcasman! Yes, we will post the results here.


The final usability report should be completed by December 1st.


Is it a class assignment? Are you looking at a number of 360 degree cameras? Just curious. :slight_smile: Good luck with your research!


Yes. It is a usability paper for a digital device. The class is called “Interaction Design.” This is our final project. We were asked to choose a digital device. We chose the Ricoh Theta. No other 360 cameras will be studied for this assignment. We thought about comparing the device, but the professor asked that we stay focused on one device. Thank you for taking the time to take the questionnaire and help us collect our data!



@robertlockridge Sorry is this some kind of IQ test
or are you working for other camera brand
Regards Svendus


I filled in the survey.


Thank you, Codetricity! It is appreciated!


Thank you for responding, Svendus. No we don’t work for any camera brand. We are students in an Interaction Design class at USF conducting a usability test for a digital device of our choice. There are six usability goal questions and five design principal questions. The six usability questions relate to efficiency, effectiveness, learnability, utility and memorability (Preece, Sharp & Rogers, 2015, p. 19) The five design principle questions relate to visibility, feedback, constraints, consistency and affordance. (Preece et al., 2015, p. 26).

Reference: Preece, J., Sharp, H., & Rogers, Y. (2015). Interaction design: Beyond human-computer interaction (4th ed.). Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


I put this out on our Twitter feed. Just to confirm, we can get a copy of the survey results, right?


All right Thank You :blush: the THETA gets 66 points from here
i think that is why the camera are so popular


I think the usability of the camera is best in class. I would like to see the software (such as putting a video up to YouTube or live streaming to Facebook) improved. The software improvements could either come from Ricoh or from the community. Also, the documentation is a bit sparse. The camera itself is quite good.


Yes, absolutely! Thanks Codetricity!


We are doing the usability test using only the unit itself, without the app.


I just shared it on our Facebook Page as well.