Python Language Great Humble Software Deal

As many of you know, Python has emerged as the world’s most popular language according to StackOverflow:

and according to IEEE Spectrum

Well, I just saw this HumbleBundle deal on Python books and tools:

I’m just passing this information on. I have zero affiliation with Humble Bundle.

I have many examples of using different RICOH THETA APIs with Python.

Python Requests is a great way to run tests with the RICOH THETA WiFi API with both standard mode as well as Client Mode.

I personally don’t use PyCharm now days. I just use VS Code. However, I used to use PyCharm for many years. It’s a good tool.

Perhaps the best value is the Fluent Python book, which is 700 pages. That’s only available at the $20 level, but that is still pretty cheap just for that book.

Fluent Python is highly rated on GoodReads.

Python Tricks is also highly rated and included in the bundle.

Thoughtful Machine Learning gets low scores.

For me, the first two books are the most value. I also might use Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps for my daughter.

This online course might also be useful to me:

I don’t think I would use most of the tools like PyCharm, GitKraken, PyUP or Postman PRO. I’m not a professional developer, so I wouldn’t use the features of those professional tools. The free equivalents are good-enough for me. The last time I used the free version of Postman, it wasn’t handle Digest Auth effectively. If it was, it was simply easier to use a Python script.

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