RC theta Remote switch distance 4km or more

So I wanted to share success i had with finding a remote switch for my Z1. So I needed a trigger my z1 for photos i needed a distance of around 100m or more so here we go.

equipment used
Z1 theta

cable switch Ca-3

electronic switch something like this mine is different but this would work

Rc remote DX8 spektrum any thing would work also.

AR8010T 8CH Air Integrated Telemetry Receiver

So after reading Nfg world guide found here https://nfgworld.com/cactus-radio-trigger-for-ricoh-theta-s/
i thought i would give it a go myself. The CA-3 must have a half-press and a full-press, or it won’t trigger properly. So i soldered a piece a wire across the release and focus. Shorting out the switch. This wire tricks circuit into to give it the “half shutter” required.

After soldering that wires one for ground and two wires one from the release and focus these wires are shorted or soldered together this wire is soldered to the electronic switch, then connects to the Receiver.
assign your switch in your controller and your done.

I tested yesterday with my drone at about 100m with no problem.

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This is great. Thanks for sharing it. Well done.

This is quite an interesting project and I’m planning to put the image below on social media, including some Facebook Groups. I think the image of the switch and RC controller quickly conveys the technique. I’ll include a link back to the original post by @Smokeshow

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