I need a 100m remote shutter for the theta Z1 to take photos from a drone

Hey everybody
I am looking for a solution for a remote shutter for my z1 i need it needs to be wireless or bluetooth

any ideas? i have a used a servo with arm attached before but im looking a plug and play option.

Please help

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I don’t think the Bluetooth will work at that distance.

Can you use a laptop or Raspberry Pi to trigger the shutter? You may need a directional antenna. See the experiments below.

Let me know if the problem is that there isn’t a desktop application for the THETA that you can run on your laptop. If that is the problem, let me know if you have a Windows laptop.

I have a desktop tool that @jcasman and I built for testing. Although it’s possible to compile it for a MacBook, I don’t have access to a Mac and thus only use it on Windows 10 for my personal testing. it’s not designed for public use, but we can post a Windows executable here if you want to give it a try. It should take a picture from a laptop.

There may be other applications out there for the laptop with more normal features for public use. I haven’t looked. We only use the tool above for personal testing.

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Because we work on construction fields i do not want to carry around a laptop. I do have a Ricoh Cable Wired Remote Shutter that i think im going to try and hack to a send a signal to a rc remote. If it works i will get the signal i need. I will let you know if it works

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I have a had success following https://nfgworld.com/cactus-radio-trigger-for-ricoh-theta-s/ this guide and then using a electronic switch to a rc receiver. My range should be about 5km now lol

That switch and focus button needs to be shorted for to work. I then soldered the two wires together and bingo. I then soldered the wires to a electronic switch then from the switch to a rc radio receiver. the soldering was tough but very doable.


Wow! Thanks for sharing this success. Do you have a picture of your switch and RC receiver? I would like to share this cool project on social media. Very cool!

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I have a job coming up soon that requires my full attention after that i will make a new post with equipment used etc.